These are the services I offer

Patent application drafting: European focus, global mindset

Full representation in all procedures before the European Patent Office

  • Direct European filings, PCT applications and European phase entries
  • Complete prosecution procedure from filing to grant, including the appeal stage
  • European oppositions as opponent or patentee

Expert opinions: patentability, freedom-to-operate, patent due diligence, infringement, validity

Patent litigation support for plaintiffs and defendants

German national patent prosecution and post-grant representation

“What’s your hourly rate?”

I don’t have one. Well, if you insist on it I can bill by the hour, but I’d rather charge based on the value I create, not the time I waste.

I offer tailor-made flat fees for work packages or entire projects. This encourages communication, gives my clients certainty and entices me to get it right the first time.

Oh, and did I mention that I don’t compete on price?

Why you should hire me

13 years in BigLaw— I learned the ropes in one of Europe‘s most successful IP firms (BARDEHLE PAGENBERG) and did patent prosecution and litigation for the world‘s leading ITC companies.

Hyper-specialized— Only a handful of European patent attorneys have my level of specialization in patents for digital, software-based and computer-implemented inventions.

Digitally streamlined— Working with me feels like it‘s 2021. I won‘t send you emails with scanned letters as PDF attachments, I promise. We can even work on documents together in my GDPR-compliant cloud space. No more „final draft_v1.3_(rev 2021-05-04).docx“ in your inbox 🙂

Next step—Let’s grab a virtual coffee to see if there’s a good fit 👇

Is it REALLY urgent?

If there’s a catastrophy around the corner that needs action RIGHT NOW, send me an email or call me, and we’ll sort it out. This is meant for really really urgent things, ok?