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The future is digital, but the European patent system was created with physical inventions in mind. Join me as I explore the possibilities and limits of the European patent system for digital innovations, sharing my first-hand insights and practical tips along the way.

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The Best Practice podcast

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Kind words from my subscribers

Marie Barani

“Thank you for the YouTube version of your podcast! I really liked it.”
โ€” Marie Barani, Senior IP legal counsel at SATT Nord (FR)

Rocky Berndsen

“I love your content!  Youโ€™ve been doing video before it was cool!”
โ€” Rocky Berndsen, Head of Patent Analytics at Harrity & Harrity, LLP (US)

Andrea Braidotti

“Thanks as always for your great contribution in sharing your thoughts and material about patenting SW in Europe. Also your recent initiative of podcast and youtube videos is so helpful and interesting.”
โ€” Andrea Braidotti, Specialista proprietร  intellettuale at PRAXI Intellectual Property (IT)

Sebastiaan van Loon

“As a trainee patent attorney with a background in CS and machine learning I am a big fan of your “Best practice” podcast.”
โ€” Sebastiaan van Loon, Octrooigemachtigde i.o. at Arnold & Siedsma

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