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Bastian Best speaking at a conference
That’s me in St. Petersburg in 2019 – back in the days when business travel was still a thing…

Tl;dr โ€” me in 10 seconds

I’m a European and German patent attorney who builds patent portfolios for digital innovators. I work fully digitally for a global clientele out of my hometown Munich, Germany. People tell me I’m an enthusiastic educator, speaker and workshop host. Sharing my knowledge is one of my true passions, e.g. on my LinkedIn, my YouTube channel and my mailing list.

Me in 1 minute

I’ve always been a computer nerd and a hobby programmer, studied computer science, worked in the automotive industry. Realized that I’m fascinated by technology but less of a tinkerer myself. Became a patent attorney. Quickly became a salary partner in one of the most successful IP firms in Europe. Realized that my personality manifests itself better in a specialist career. Started my own digital patent law firm, where I enjoy building high-quality patent portfolios for digital innovations.

I’m an early riser and an action taker. A diversified specialist. An approachable introvert. A disciplined free spirit. I like clarity. I dislike wasting my time.

I was born and still live in Munich, Germany. 41 years old. Happily married, two boys (8 and 5).

Curriculum vitae

I do not maintain a CV on this website because that would be redundant. There is one here already.


  • Bastian Best’s website: https://bastianbest.de/
  • The Best Practice podcast: https://bastianbest.de/podcast/
  • Bastian Best’s daily mailing list: https://bastianbest.de/list/
  • Bastian Best’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bastianbest/
  • Bastian Best’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/bastianbest
  • Bastian Best’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bastianbest/


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