#3 Patenting database technology: EPO guidelines update

What types of inventions in database technology are patentable in Europe? The EPO guidelines will be updated on 1 March 2021 with a new section specifically on database management systems and information retrieval. In this episode I will walk you through the final draft of the new section to see how clear the guidance is.

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Links mentioned in this episode

  • G-II, 3.6.4 “Database management systems and information retrieval” (Unedited English version for advance information): https://www.epo.org/law-practice/legal-texts/guidelines/guidelines-preview.html
  • The two BOA decisions cited in the new section:
    • T 1924/17: https://www.bardehle.com/europeansoftwarepatents/knowledge-base/using-a-nosql-data-store-and-an-rdbms-to-provide-performance-improvement-in-a-database-system-technical/
    • T 697/17: https://www.bardehle.com/europeansoftwarepatents/knowledge-base/sql-language-extensions-for-modifying-columns-in-a-single-statement-technical/

My key takeaways

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