2021: The Big Three, KPIs, Principles

I just finished my yearly review and planning session. Here’s what I did:

  1. I went through my calendar of 2020 week by week and wrote down a list of significant events, reflecting on what went well and what didn’t.
  2. I listed all the roles I have in my life. For each role, I wrote down what I wish people would say about me.
  3. I reviewed my list of goals of 2020 and decided which ones are worth further pursuing and which ones have become obsolete.
  4. I wrote down The Big Three. Three big goals for 2021.
  5. I defined specific KPIs for The Big Three which can be measured monthly/weekly/daily.

In addition, I also reviewed my last year’s “year in review” post and picked a set of principles to live by in the coming year:

  • Consistency is key.
  • No hurry, no pause.
  • Do less, but better.
  • Raise your self-awareness. The rest will follow.

What’s your process to set your compass for 2021?

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