Patents for AI: much is at stake

I just noticed that my little video about AI patents and enablement is approaching 500 views since I uploaded it last Wednesday. That’s exceeding my expectations by far, so:

Thank you all so much for your likes, shares and comments on Youtube and LinkedIn!ย 

Here’s the video, in case you’ve missed it:

That said, there’s much going on in the “patents and artificial intelligence” space these days. The Enlarged Board of Appeal published some preliminary remarks in the G1/19 referral concerning the patentability of computer simluations. The oral proceedings will take place next Wednesday, 15 July and it’s possible to attend via live streaming.

This will most probably be a historical case, so I’ll be watching the live stream, of course. I plan to make a short video with my first reactions right after the hearing. That one will hopefully be up on Wednesday evening.

Talk to you then,

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